OMAM Incubation & Accelerator Centre (OIAC)

Creating a cognitive environment through right sized knowledge.

Delivering people process & technology for 21st century nation.

To create global technologies in Healthcare & HR, by creating an eco-system of entrepreneurship & innovation, & fertile cognitive engineering, thus enabling disruptive thinking.

Technology, Healthcare, Human Resources (TH2)


Incubation Partners (approx. 135) including Start-up eco-system – 40 Start-Up Organizations in the Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, HR, & Healthcare streams; 15 VC’s, 15 Angels, 25 Mentors, 3 Legal Firms, 3 Audit Firms, 3 Training Heads (1 each for Technology, Healthcare, & HR), 3 Accounting Firms, 3 Finance Firms,  20 Industrial/Manufacturing/Corporate firms, 2 Bureaucrats, & 3 PR Firms.

With OMAM already being into the HR space for over 3 decades now, and further diversifying into education, & re-entering the training line, and with a specific emphasis on the following courses:

  1. Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  2. Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, & IoT
  3. Soft skills, like international languages, e.g., French, German, Japanese, etc. for the sophisticated entrepreneurial, & technological minded community members,
  4. Program language courses like Python, C++, Java, etc. we are in an enviable position to utilize our mature infrastructure for the benefit of OIAC, thereby enabling the start-up eco-system to greatly benefit out of our 35+ years legacy.

OIAC is based out of Delhi-NCR, & in 5 years we would like to create a disruptive environment enabling a global impact on our technologies sophistication, especially through machine learning, artificial intelligence, & IoT. With education, training, & entrepreneurship & innovation being major thrust areas for the organization, it will consequently give impetus to global R&D as well. This will further precipitate & accelerate a disruptive environment, with a global impact.

With our Prime Minister, Mr Modi is having evinced keen interest in the next Google, or Yahoo to come out of India, and also wanting the servers to be based in India itself due to info leaks globally, we strongly feel that the maturity amongst our investors, technocrats, and technology firm-owners/BOD’s is the next thing coming.

Add to this the import of Data Centres from top Corporations globally, & also the analytics on volumes of data of international firms being outsourced to Indian Firms, India is suddenly finding its crisis in the available number of professionals, and academic filling the roles to undertake such August jobs.

With OMAM’s legacy of being one of the pioneers in the HR, HR Consulting, Training, & Management Consulting (from an Indian borne Organization) space, we have furthered our ambition of steering towards education, healthcare, & innovation space, and now fast forwarding to creation of an incubation centre, thus pulsing the global trends, and enabling maximum impact within the space, and time, thereby reflecting well on our legacy.

This will be OMAM’s way of contributing, in its own small way towards our Leader’s vision, and towards maturity of our technology sector.

We have learnt to un-baggage ourselves, and be fleet-footed, akin to a start-up.

A strong reason for Education, Healthcare, Training, Technology, & Incubation all coming under the new brand Company of OMAM, going by the name of OMAM Knowledge International, which is a little over a year old. Rather than being under the legacy firm umbrella, OMAM Consultants Services Pvt. Ltd.

OMAM Incubation & Accelerator Centre is the natural consequence of becoming fleet-footed, and has given OMAM speed, & traction, and not to forget releasing of our imaginative mindset, sans the bureaucracy of a large firm, which we are unleashing for our own good, and for the good of the larger Indian, & global market.


We in OMAM are sure that the future disruptors, or rather creators of newer technology-products, or services via Machine Learnings, Analytics, AI, IoT, etc. are going to be from India, and we at OMAM will also be significantly contributing to that space.